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Copstick gives me Four Stars in Edinburgh and I see failure.

6 Aug

4pm Monday 6 August 2012 Edinburgh Suite, Glasgow Jimmy’s Place

Today, the blazing Kate Copstick in the Scotsman wrote that “An hour with Lewis Schaffer is an hilarious, cathartic, exhilaratingly appalling experience. Four Stars.”


Why not Five Stars? Where did that other star go?  

I am not saying I deserve five stars, or even deserve four or three. I wouldn’t pay to see myself – then again, who would pay money to hear yourself talk for fifty minutes?

Even when someone loves me I still think they believe I’m just a bit rubbish. And it’s true. Why not five stars? I don’t need five stars, nor want five stars, nor think I deserve five stars. Five stars is for “art”. Art is something that truly moves you. I am a long way off from that. Four is for very funny. And I don’t think of myself as that, nor would most of the people that have seen me.

I once got in the 97th percentile in a New York State vocabulary test given to 14 or 15 year olds. I knew what ‘percentile’ meant was without being a bookworm.

My mother explained that the three or so percent who were better than me were the people who mattered and that I was at the bottom of the top. In no way should I be proud of that.

I was taught love by a mother who loved me intensely and then beat me or completely ignored me for long stretches. That’s what made me me. Blame my mother. I don’t trust love – and I consider a good review “love”. I trust a smack in the head. That is honest.  

Thank you Kate Copstick for your good words and to the Scotsman for printing them.

>>> Please comics stop ending your shows with the plea ‘Keep supporting live comedy’. Comedy shows aren’t charities. It sounds pathetic. (Though I do beg for money daily at my “free show.”)

>>> Tonight, two young Londoners nervously sat in the only open seats other than the first row: the second row. They scowled at me the whole show.

I should have tossed those grumpy Capital City losers out on their asses after ten minutes. Instead, I tried to turn them around and wound up seeming like a racist bully. 

Sadly, free shows can attract people with only the weakest of interest in comedy. That’s why many shows are rubbish: It’s the audiences, white and black.

Because of the review, people will now be coming to my show expecting to hear something appalling. It’s NOT what I say that’s appalling, it’s me that’s appalling. 

My audience is going to see a comic who blames them for his failure. How can I strive for art when my audience isn’t as committed to it as I am? AND they’re going to see a comic who takes responsibility for his show’s failures. I know I shouldn’t have spoken to those guys as much as I did.

The truth is: My mother is to blame.

>>> Ran into the thin Mitch Benn climbing the stairs at the Underbelly. He was looking hungry. 

He told me losing weight was the easy part. That’s cock to me (Wow, that was English – ‘cock to me’!)

I can’t NOT eat for 12 hours to clear my system for a simple blood test. I can’t imagine ever losing weight on my own.  Major props to the thin man. 

See me at 4:45 at the Alternative Fringe at the Hive on Niddry Street and at 8:15pm in Maggie’s Chamber at the Three Sisters on the Cowgate. 

If you’re in Edinburgh you’ll know where these places are. 


Nunhead News: A job seeker defecates on a Job Centre worker’s desk and more: 16 July 2012

16 Jul

8 PM Monday 16th July 2012 Nunhead Heights.

The News of Nunhead for Resonance FM 104.4FM – Nunhead American Radio 10:30PM

Nunhead. So nice they didn’t need to name it twice. The haven for Americans living in Britain.

Today, a baby was left at the Nunhead’s Job Centre by a female customer, believed to be the child’s mother. She shouted “You pay for it!’ and ran out the door without the baby.

The policy at the Job Centre is to report abandoned babies to social services immediately. In actual practice, the staff wait until closing at 5PM to see if the mother will reclaim the child. If the child is reclaimed, the parent is obviously unfit to be a parent.

In a similar situation occurring on 12 April 2012, a Job Centre customer made a bowel movement on a staff member’s desk. The stated policy at the Job Centre is to report immediately bowel movements made on staff member’s desks. In actual practice, the staff wait until closing to see if the customer will reclaim the bowel movement.

In Britain, the jobless and other benefit seekers are called “customers”. This is the same as it was in the State of New York – at least at the time when I was a frequent customer of unemployment insurance benefits.

“Customer” is an interesting choice of a word. It is as if one has a choice of what state or country one becomes unemployed. The fear that the unemployed will take their “business” to another state or country drives local welfare offices to be customer service oriented.

If you have a dog that follows you are around, forces you to feed it, and sleeps in your house or flat, then you are probably are its owner. Police will make you aware that you are a dog owner.

The Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team is having a Dog Ownership Awareness Day in Peckham Rye Park – opposite our lovely newish café – this Sunday, the 22nd of July. www.met.police.uk/saferneighborhoods

Calling all young film-makers aged 11 to 25! Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival 2012 announces a Call for Entries on the theme “My SE15”. All films must be ten minutes long or shorter and must be received by August 12, 2012. Go to the website: My youngest son started yesterday by filming his private part on his father’s iPhone. Sadly, he won’t be able to enter it into the competition as he is only nine-years-old. The video was deleted immediately. www.freefilmfestivals.org.

Today, in a seeming act of racism, a middle aged Nunhead woman of Scottish origin swore at her Nunhead American ex-husband and the titular father of her children “Why don’t you eff off back home.” “Home” meaning America. He had merely pointed out that an eleven-year old should know how to spell “know” and the three spellings of ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’, and that maybe the public education system in this country isn’t as good as she thinks it is.

On our show tonight, 16 July 2012, Nunhead American Radio, will be animator, filmmaker, and tv producer, Nunheader Ed Hobson. I met Ed at my show in Soho and he has kindly offered to come on the show.

Also on board is Norman Welch, playwright and Kansan, now living in the Greater Borough of Nunhead. He will be on hand to talk about his new opera. We are also to be graced by Robin Schacht, her father worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC. A true and naturally blonde American, Robin’s father is a banker but I cannot imagine him being even slightly dodgy.

Join Lewis Schaffer, American Lisa Moyle and Englishman Chris Dixon tonight, Monday. And enjoy

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America blamed for burial crisis in Nunhead. The News of Nunhead for 2 July 2012.

2 Jul

8 PM Monday 2nd July 2012 Nunhead Heights.

News of Nunhead for Nunhead American Radio 10:30PM in Nunhead and British Summer Time, 5:30PM in New York. Listen live at www.resonancefm.com and on the real radio 104.4fm every Monday evening. That is tonight, if it is Monday. 

Nunhead is the haven for the most marginalized of all immigrant groups in Britain, Americans.
Our town motto is “If you’ve been to Plumstead, you’ve pretty much seen Nunhead.”

It has been pointed out by our hardworking Labour Councillor Renata Hamvas that  Southwark cemeteries have a problem with burials as it is now the fashion to use American-style caskets rather than simple coffins. Caskets are those big wooden boxes that look like bulky Victorian furniture. They take up a lot more space. Even in Nunhead Americans get the blame.

Read my posts about losing the woods of Nunhead and Dulwich. Worthy reading though not humorous – tragic really. “Will we regret cutting down the forest of Southwark?” (Nunhead is in the London Borough of Southwark).

Speaking of America, Wednesday is the 236th or 237th anniversary of the date when Britain first split into two. The United States of Britain decided it didn’t want the pesky and anti-monarchical 13 Colonies to continue to call themselves British. If the were to continue to be British the Americans would have had to be given equal representation in Parliament. The two nations, now two peoples, are better because of it. Read my post about this: Thank God King George Lost America. It is something you might not have thought about.

It has been pointed on the fantastic Southeast Central Forum that there was a plan afoot in the 1960s to run a highway through Nunhead called the South Cross Route Ringway. One of the only sections they built was the very dividing Westway in west London. I know if I had lived then I’d have had an apoplectic fit – lord knows it is killing me how the council is chopping down acres of woods AS WE SPEAK. Leave it to the government to make the biggest messes.

Tonight’s will be another edition of the most amazing radio show in the world, Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer, co-hosted by beautiful New Yorker Lisa Moyle.

On board is local historian Neil @Transpontine talking about his fantastically interesting website transpontine.

Public purse accountability expert – I think I know what that is but we will ask and be sure – and Nunheader, Ed Hammond.

Also coming in is David Mills a very tart and very funny San Franciscan comic and he is bringing along Arkansas comic Beth McGregor.

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The Queen, My Mother and I. Oh, and Holden Caulfield. Some final words on the Jubilee.

6 Jun

5pm Wednesday 5th May 2012 Nunhead Heights

[See below for list of previous posts regarding the British Monarchy]

There are nice things about England, and Britain too. Cups of tea, the football, the Green Belt and planning permission which has, so far, prevented the countryside from being completely over-run. Even the disobedient nature of the people I find very pleasant.

Maybe best part about Britain is that a visitor to this country, such as me, can openly write that they don’t like the Queen and not be put in jail or taken to Heathrow and put on a plane back to New York. That’s actually quite good. [How did I start talking like that? “Actually quite good!” ]

But the royal family and the monarchy are not one of the good things about this country. It is the phoniest institution – completely self-serving and standing for everything that I, an American, am against: Inherited power, deference, and unearned wealth. And no matter how nice the Queen appears to be – and everyone is nice at 85 – she is in it for herself.

Where was she at 25 when her son needed a hug and hold? Off traveling around the world. I’ve seen the video of her holding her young son and it isn’t pretty.

At the Jubilee Concert, Prince Charles calls the Queen “Mummy” in front of the multitudes at his childhood home, Buckingham Palace. Not that Charles had much of a childhood.

Like the child of an absentee footballer he doesn’t often see announcing ownership of his famous father in front of his schoolmates. “Look everyone! The woman you are honoring is my mother! I get to call her Mummy!” I felt sad for the dude.

My mother was a phony, too. She would profess deep love for me but be off doing her own thing in her own world. She loved her world of deep depressions and raving manias.

If the Queen loves her son she would abdicate. Give the keys to the Palace to Charles and move on. But no, she loves being The Queen too much. You can understand why Charles is a bit loopy. He’s gone insane waiting for his mother to love him. That’s what happened to me.

Another Point

This is my last post about the Diamond Jubilee. I am relieved it’s over just like I’m relieved when Christmas passes.

I wish I were Bill Bryson. He always finds a nice thing to say about his adopted land. And he tweaks the British gently. Bill Bryson is a lovely man from what I can read. Me? I steeped in bitterness and anger. Do you think I like always looking for a fight?

Michael Hunter – not that Michael Hunter  but the Michael Hunter who has the blog “Spiked Mike is Breaking a Leg” –  has seen my show quite a few times. He was there in South Shields over the weekend and reviewed my touring free show: “Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous.” He observed that  “[ Lewis Schaffer  ] would rip into an empty brown paper bag if he could get a reaction from the empty paper bag manufacturers.”


But only up to a point. I would rip into the bag if I thought the brown paper bag manufacturers were a load of utter phonies. If the bags weren’t really brown or weren’t really bags. I am like Holden Caulfield in “The Catcher in the Rye.” I hate phonies. Only I’m not a teenager: I’m old.

Another minor point:

At the Jubilee Concert Prince Charles announced how proud he is to be “British”. Innocuous enough considering he spends his summers in Scotland and he’s prince over Wales. But didn’t he forget that if he lives he’s going to be King of Canada, Australia and other minor nations? I’m sure those countries aren’t going to be pleased to hear their king isn’t one of them.  He must be so nervous that he’s going to be passed over in favour of his daughter-in- law’s husband that he’s playing to the home town crowd. Am I the only one to notice this?

Won’t you please leave a comment? Tell me if the above is rubbish, brilliant, whatever.

Five posts that talk about the royal family and class in England and the UK.

Thank God King George lost America. What would have happened if America was given fair representation in the British Parliament.

The real reason the English keep their monarchy. Well, one real reason. Something I don’t think has been expressed too often.

How the Queen is used by the political class and what will happen when the royals turn on that class.

Why English men dress so badly, and how it goes back to the royals.

And finally, what the classes are in the UK and how they are different than in America.

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Bored with foreigners: Why I’m skipping the Olympics

16 May

5PM Wednesday 16 May 2012 Nunhead Heights

I am skipping the London Olympics. I will be up in Edinburgh with my show. So what if there will be 216 countries participating? I’ve got more then 216 nations living in my own flat.

I am so bored with foreigners.

My neighbors next door are Nigerian, below me are Somalis and across the way are Guyanese and all around are the English. Mass immigration, World Music, RyanAir, Disney World, The Wire, and international conspiracies – is there any nationality you want to know more about? Not me.

“Oh, my! You’re from New York?!! Really? Tell me, Lewis, what is New York like?”

In London, no one cares that I’m from the Greatest City in The World in the Greatest Country in The World. If they did, they’d have made me a star. But they don’t care and I’m stuck in a basement in Soho. That’s my excuse.

The only country I have a vaguest interest is North Korea because I’ve being reading John Fleming’s blog about his trip there. But you’d have to have been a prisoner in commie concentration camp to get me excited. The rest of you dirty, dirty foreigners: ‘Eff off!

You say the Olympians will be wearing their native costumes? Oh, my!

“Please welcome Teamo de Ecuadoriano in their native dress: New York Yankees hats and Levi’s jeans.”

“Please welcome Team Sierra Leone in their native dress: New York Yankees hats and Levi’s jeans.”

“Please welcome Team Great Britain in their native dress: New York Yankees hats and Levi’s jeans.”

How boringly the same everyone is – except for the Australians – who hold a weird fascination to me. The rest of the world: Yawn.

This small world has made foreigners uninteresting just as as internet porn has turned men away from sex. That is my excuse.

And what about judging a country based on how well it does in the Olympics medal count? Like, is Great Britain (wherever that is) a better country if they’ve got talent in skeet shooting, water dancing or  pitch and putt golf?

The Olympics are just lifting and putting stuff down; running from here to there; shooting shit; and playing sports you can watch on the telly the rest of the year. That’s nothing but your usual 15 minutes in Peckham.

And the other events are just sports rich people do to take their minds off the starving people in the rest of the world who don’t have time to do Olympic sports: Horse stuff and sailing and flying in to watch the Olympics.

All the participants share one thing in common: they practice a lot. That means they have good parents. They participants having parents willing to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to drive their kids to archery lessons or swimming sessions. They have parents who have  instilled a sense of drive and hard work that my children have never seen, at least from their father. Those foreigners are always gonna beat my kids at that.

That’s why I will be taking a pass on the Olympics. I hope the Olympics is rubbish cause it would kill me if it turned out to be amazing and I missed it by going to the Edinburgh Fringe with my show. It’ll be the foreigners’ fault I missed it. That’ll be my excuse.

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Nunhead is Officially “Middle Class”: Nunhead American Radio News for 14 May 2012

15 May

9:00PM 14th May 2012 Nunhead Heights

Please listen live to the Nunhead American Radio show with me, Lewis Schaffer. Monday evening at 10:30PM (5:30PM EST). Listen live at 104.fm in Nunhead and http://www.resonancefm.com in the rest of the word.

Nunhead is now middle class. The new Dish and Spoon Café has opened with its imported coffee, cocoa and Camembert cheese. What? English-grown coffee, cocoa and Camembert cheese aren’t good enough for Nunhead? No, they are not!

This Saturday is May 19th or as the English call it “The 19th of May” which sounds ever so Continental. It is ironic that the only day Americans say the European way is the day America declared independence from Britain – the Fourth of July.

The 19th May is Nunhead Cemetery Open Day. This is the high point of the Nunhead social calendar. The Cemetery is the meeting place for Nunhead Heights and Nunhead Village, figuratively and literally. It connects and divides the nice bit of Nunhead, The Heights, where most Americans live, from the riff-raff down below – a dead man’s land. You could look at the Cemetery like the drug addicted problem child that brings his parents together.

The 3rd June is the Queen’s Jubilee. In her glorious 60 years as reigning monarch she lost all of British Africa, all those cheeky Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, and Victoria Beckham.

The Queen has presided over a greater loss of empire than Rupert Murdoch did with MySpace and Hicks and Gillett with the Liverpool Football Club, and Fred the Shred accomplished with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mazel tov!

Everyone in Nunhead will celebrate the Queen’s big day with a street party which is apropos as the Queen will be in her Castle and we are practically homeless.

Friend of the show, British American Tax specialist Liz Zitzow, was hit by a motorcycle while riding her bicycle and has spent eight weeks in the hospital. She is expected to spend another six months in rehabilitation. This show wishes her a speedy and complete recovery because I need my taxes done. Get well Liz!

This weekend is The Dulwich Festival 2012 Artist’s Open House weekend. Nunhead Heights is represented at four houses and one house in Nunhead Village. Nunhead American artist Randy Klein is not opening his studio to the public. I guess his stuff costs so much. It is his birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Roberto Mancini, coach of the Manchester City Football Club and son of composer Henry Mancini, had his job saved by beating Manchester United and doesn’t have time to make the show. He won when the pressure was on. Not pressure from Manchester United but from his rich oil sheikh owner.

Instead, our scheduled guests include:

The white English Old Nuns Head pub man Dan Roundtree.
Yinke Oyewole, the black English musician.

Listen in!

@lewisschaffer – twitter feed

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Americans are descendants of losers and why English football is the best sport in the world.

14 May

3am Monday 14th May 2012 – Nunhead Heights

The Manchester City and Manchester United football battle was so good this year I almost forgot that City are being bankrolled by a billionaire

Arab oilman. His money created the best team in English football.

I wanted to support City. They were the Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Mets to Manchester United’s New York Yankees and I’m a Mets fan. And you couldn’t deny that City supporters believed they deserved their good luck but it was like they were taking stolen money to pay a debt. It feels good but it isn’t right. You can say what you want about United but their owner is isn’t pumping money into his team.

Still, it was an incredible end to an incredible season in an incredible sport. You know I don’t say much good about England. Well, I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I loved English football. I want to say it again: I love English football.

I would say more nice things about England if I could get some mileage out of it. The English don’t want to hear compliments about their country. They either don’t believe it or don’t believe it coming from an American or it embarrasses them or they don’t feel like they can take credit for it, thinking they are individually far superior to their fellow citizens.

English patriotism may be complicated but it is very, very, deep. Deeper than American patriotism, I would say. An Englishman is born in this country, and more than in America, is born in the town he is living in now. So he has not just the love for the country but also love for his hometown. If I went back to my hometown of Great Neck, New York, I doubt there would be more than five people I knew from when I was a kid. I don’t think the Kirks, the Links, the Gottesmans, or the Bergmans are still living on Essex Road – Essex Road was the name of my street. Everyone moves in America.

America is a nation of the descendants of losers. Every American, black and white, was forced to leave his homeland in adverse circumstances. They came to America for a better life, or by force, and eventually found a better life, and freedom. Eventually. And you can’t call the “native” Americans winners, either, after what happened to them.

The Kings and Queens of England didn’t need to board a ship and sail for America for a better life or freedom. The peasants who stayed must have been happy-enough in England. The English are descendants of the winners and they know it.

I love English football tribalism. Manchester City supporters here, Manchester United supporters there. The slur on United is that they are supported by foreigners: Indonesians, Australians, and Londoners. I have read otherwise. Manchester, the city or the area, [what Manchester is is a question I haven’t gotten my head around yet] has three times as many United supporters than City supporters living in Manchester. That’s one reason why City supporters care so much about winning the League. They have to live with the enemy.

If you like a place in England, you’ll think fondly of their team. I smile at the mention of Ipswich Town F.C. because of the two good gigs I had in the town when I first moved to London in 2000. Good gigs were few and far between then. Still are. I doubt if I was from Norwich or Colchester I’d have warm feelings for Ipswich.

If I had been raised in England I wouldn’t have followed football. English supporters would have beaten up the kind of child I was. They used to try to beat up everybody, not just sissy kids like me, a few years back.

While traveling in Britain in 1989 I went to a Fulham FC game at Craven Cottage.

[Fulham is a team in London. London has no “London” team and I proposed that my main team, Crystal Palace FC near Nunhead, rebrand itself as the “London Eagles”. Imagine the replica shirts they could sell? Every Palace fan I told shot me down. Change, except promotion, bad!]

So I remember being corralled down a road blockaded by mounted policemen. Very scary scene. At the time Fulham was more than 40 places away from winning the old League One and not exactly contenders. The situation around football is a bit gentler today.

I never once felt that fear at a baseball game, except at being kicked out of the expensive seats I used to blag my way into. I’ve never was beaten up by a Yankees fan because I was wearing a Mets hat. I’ve been gloated at but only in friendly ways.

Maybe that is why I can’t love the New York Mets as much as Manchester City supporters love City. They took it on the chin for 44 years and endured the abuse from their “noisy” neighbors. They love their team so much they were willing to pay any price to beat United, including taking tens of millions of pounds of oil money.

I admire that love. I supported United but congratulations, City.


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Lewis Schaffer

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Lewis Schaffer

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SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog

John Fleming’s blog: human interest, humour, humor, comedy blog featuring eccentricity, performance, movies and occasionally a few tears

Nunhead Nags

A blog about Nunhead regeneration

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