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Nunhead is more American and more News of Nunhead for 17 Dec 2012!

17 Dec

9 PM Monday 17 December 2012 Nunhead Heights

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News of Nunhead

Nunhead is delicious! This week, Keri Moss, 41, a freelance caterer from Nunhead, was voted the co-winner of the top prize in MasterChef: The Professionals on the BBC. Congratulations Keri!!

Nunhead is closer! It is now possible to get to the Northern line from Peckham Rye train station in less than ten minutes on the London Overground. The new service adds another route into Central London, along with taking the First Capital Connect to Elephant and Castle and the Overland to London Bridge and walking down two levels to the Northern Line. It will still take an hour to get to and from London.

Stay in Nunhead! Need a place to stay in Nunhead and I’m out of town? There are no hotels in Nunhead but there are 28 listings on airbnb.com for Bed and Breakfasts in Nunhead including a room rental on Hichisson Road for only £38 per night. Hichisson Road is considered the quietest and loveliest road in the increasingly in demand area of Nunhead Heights, part of the increasingly in demand area of Nunhead.

Nunhead is more American than ever! Two more Americans are believed to have found shelter in Nunhead Heights – according to Nunhead American mother Carolyn Kohl. We are waiting for her to contact them on our behalf! That makes 10 or 11, depending on how you count them.

Nunhead Americans to unite all Nunheaders! Reserve 7th July 2013 for Nunhead Beats the Bounds Day.

The Nunhead American Association, the community group of Nunhead Americans, is organizing a daylong event this summer. We will reinstate the age-old the British tradition of perambulating the perimeter of our village and beating the trees and building with sticks, letting all know THIS IS OUR NUNHEAD. The route is estimated to be 4.3 miles culminating in a party on Nunhead Green starring our very own Dulwich Ukulele Club.

It has been confirmed that the procession will be led by Asst. Vicar Dele Ogunyemi and Major Alan Norton of the Salvation Army and Lay Jewish Leader Randy Klein. We are looking for Muslim leaders atheists, and someone from the Not-Caring-Either-Way Community to unite our ville.

The idea of the event was planted by Councilor Renata Hamvas who alerted us to potential Southwark Council community funding. The creative spark was provided by Anna Crockatt and Richard Guard of the Dulwich Ukulele Club. Brilliant!

Go to the facebook event page: Nunhead Beats the Bounds

Tonight’s guest include beautiful New Yorker Edori Ferti – singer, artist and enchantress. Also on board is Ed Hammond, a Nunhead local who knows a lot about what’s going on here. With lovely Lisa Moyle and Chris Dixon. Enjoy!

@lewisschaffer – twitter feed 

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Live shows begin 8 January 2013

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Obama Gains Advantage in Earliest Vote – Nunhead UK

6 Nov

Nunhead, United Kingdom



Nunhead, November 5th, 2012 — Nunhead, a haven for Americans in Britain has conducted the first poll for the United States Presidential Election. The winner is…

Nunhead is the first place to declare the results of its Presidential Election vote – even earlier than New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch.

In a poll of all known Americans living in Nunhead – ten in total – Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States, gained seven votes to only one for Governor Mitt Romney. One resident refused to make a preference and another did not vote.

Nunhead is an inner-city suburb of London five miles from Big Ben and has a sizable American population. It is estimated that one out of every thousand residents is an American.

The results were counted on New York comedian Lewis Schaffer’s weekly radio program on Resonance FM: Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer.

‘Nunhead Americans aren’t like regular Americans’ offered host Lewis Schaffer. ‘100% of Nunhead Americans have passports against only 18% of all Americans.’

Mr. Schaffer, who cast the only vote for Mitt Romney noted ‘These people [Nunhead Americans] are very liberal and probably deep down America-haters. Why else would you leave the Greatest Country in the World?’

Dixville Notch, which has a funny name as does Nunhead, announces their result just after Midnight on Tuesday morning. Nunhead’s announcement was made at 5:55PM Eastern Standard Time or 10:55PM GMT on Monday.

For more information,
Contact: James Gold at 07886504221

@lewisschaffer – twitter

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Mysterious Auction of the Ivy House. News of Nunhead for 15 October 2012.

15 Oct

9:30 PM 15 October 2012 Nunhead Heights

News of Nunhead

Nunhead is a Land of Mystery: From the origin of our name to the many dead people buried in our three cemeteries; from the two massive yet hidden water reservoirs to a secret nudist colony, Nunhead is nothing if not mysterious.

Listen to Lewis Schaffer on the Radio Nunhead American Radio with Monday at 10:30PM UK and 5:30PM New York on www.resonancefm.com and 104.4fm London

The Ivy House, my local pub and a place I regret not frequenting before it closed, is up for auction. This is less than three weeks after being sold outright. Another Nunhead mystery. Thank you Nunheader Matt Soper for this news.

The auctioneers called Nunhead Heights “a popular and up and coming residential locality”. Congratulations go to Nunhead American Radio for fulfilling my Stated Number One Goal: To raise property prices in the Heights.

The Dish and the Spoon Café on Cheltenham Road announces it menu for Tuesday:
Carrot and Ginger Soup with bread and butter
Moons Green Ham & Sun Dried Tomato Tart
with green salad, fennel & red onion slaw
Ploughmans Platter – Your choice from the deli of two cheeses, salad, and bread and butter, or one cheese,
one slice of Moons Green Ham or Chorizo.

Actually, this was the menu for two Fridays ago. I think the place is special. Check it out. 61 Cheltenham Road, SE15 3AF.

The Woodentops, my absolutely favorite rock band, are based in Nunhead Borders by Peckham Rye Park. I befriended front man Rolo McGinty at the Fathers’ Under Fives Play Group at St Anthony’s and St Silas Church in Nunhead. The group was called by my ex “The Losers Club’. Rolo isn’t a loser but a proper rocker.

They are playing a rare gig Friday 26 October 2012 at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road N7 6LB London, UK. Nearest Tube Archway on the Northern Line. Gig info click here.

Assume the show will be sold out and not just because it’s the Woodentops. It is “John Peel Night 2012” at the venue where the BBC DJ’s life is annually celebrated. We now know why John Peel’s favourite song was The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks.

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Mr. Free Speech has been hijacked by Mr. Can’t Cause Me Offense, in front of the Google Building in West London.

Instead, we are blessed to have the lovely Ms. Kate Smurthwaite, one of the most committed atheist comics in the business – in a business as crammed with atheists as Topshop is crammed with tight jeans. And making a repeat appearance is Father Dele Ogunyemi of St Anthony’s and St Silas’s Church in Nunhead. A voice for God.

I know you are thinking it was a planned confrontation between the Very Right Vicar and the Vocal Vexer. The answer is that it is just a coincidence. I am not that organized. I just heard that Kate was single and…

Also on the show is lovely American Lisa Moyle, Englander Chris Dixon, and our house band, The Dulwich Ukulele Club with Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt. Big show in Peckham Rye on October 27th!

@lewisschaffer – twitter feed

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Where is Nunhead’s Nudist Colony? News of Nunhead 09 October 2012

8 Oct

12:01 AM Tuesday 9 October 2012 Nunhead Heights

The News of Nunhead for Nunhead American Radio.
Real radio tonight on Resonance FM at 10:30 PM on 104.4fm and Resonance FM streaming. Click here.

We cannot confirm that Turner Price short-lister Spartacus Chertwyn lives in a nudist colony in Nunhead, as reported by the Evening Standard.

No one has heard of a nudist colony in Nunhead.

Walking around Nunhead naked does not make you a nudist nor make Nunhead a nudist colony, according to the Southwark Magistrates Court.

Monday 11:30 AM, an armed man robbed the tanning salon on Evelina Road in Nunhead Village, as reported by Nunhead Sage twitter account. He sagely questioned why anyone with ‘a gun and criminal motivations would choose a tanning shop on a Monday morning.’ I might add ‘…and in Nunhead Village?’

The East London Line Overground (ELL) trains are coming to Queens Road Peckham, the nearest stop to Lower Nunhead, driving up house prices, according to Nunhead American Jeff Kuntz.

Houses in the increasing valuable Nunhead Heights don’t seem to be affected by the ELL. The Heights is equally far from four East London Stations: Peckham Rye, Queens Road Peckham, New Cross Gate and Honor Oak Park which is geographically impossible.

Word is afoot that there will be traffic calming measure on Athenlay Road and Merttins Road in Nunhead Heights. I assume it means taking away on-street parking. Everything the Councils do in London involves eliminating parking. This, of course, hurts local businesses and drives customers to the superstores.

And on that sour note…

Our special guest on Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer,the only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead, couldn’t make it tonight. Famous DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile called in dead.

Instead, and God Willing, our special guest tonight will be Sharon Bassey, the Nunhead Bee Lady, talking about honey bees. I will hope she talks about the need for forage.

With her will be Becky Allen, Nunhead American artist and frequent visitor to her show.

Also on-board will be the Dulwich Ukulele Club acting as our ‘house band’.

@lewisschaffer – twitter feed

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Nunhead News: A job seeker defecates on a Job Centre worker’s desk and more: 16 July 2012

16 Jul

8 PM Monday 16th July 2012 Nunhead Heights.

The News of Nunhead for Resonance FM 104.4FM – Nunhead American Radio 10:30PM

Nunhead. So nice they didn’t need to name it twice. The haven for Americans living in Britain.

Today, a baby was left at the Nunhead’s Job Centre by a female customer, believed to be the child’s mother. She shouted “You pay for it!’ and ran out the door without the baby.

The policy at the Job Centre is to report abandoned babies to social services immediately. In actual practice, the staff wait until closing at 5PM to see if the mother will reclaim the child. If the child is reclaimed, the parent is obviously unfit to be a parent.

In a similar situation occurring on 12 April 2012, a Job Centre customer made a bowel movement on a staff member’s desk. The stated policy at the Job Centre is to report immediately bowel movements made on staff member’s desks. In actual practice, the staff wait until closing to see if the customer will reclaim the bowel movement.

In Britain, the jobless and other benefit seekers are called “customers”. This is the same as it was in the State of New York – at least at the time when I was a frequent customer of unemployment insurance benefits.

“Customer” is an interesting choice of a word. It is as if one has a choice of what state or country one becomes unemployed. The fear that the unemployed will take their “business” to another state or country drives local welfare offices to be customer service oriented.

If you have a dog that follows you are around, forces you to feed it, and sleeps in your house or flat, then you are probably are its owner. Police will make you aware that you are a dog owner.

The Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team is having a Dog Ownership Awareness Day in Peckham Rye Park – opposite our lovely newish café – this Sunday, the 22nd of July. www.met.police.uk/saferneighborhoods

Calling all young film-makers aged 11 to 25! Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival 2012 announces a Call for Entries on the theme “My SE15”. All films must be ten minutes long or shorter and must be received by August 12, 2012. Go to the website: My youngest son started yesterday by filming his private part on his father’s iPhone. Sadly, he won’t be able to enter it into the competition as he is only nine-years-old. The video was deleted immediately. www.freefilmfestivals.org.

Today, in a seeming act of racism, a middle aged Nunhead woman of Scottish origin swore at her Nunhead American ex-husband and the titular father of her children “Why don’t you eff off back home.” “Home” meaning America. He had merely pointed out that an eleven-year old should know how to spell “know” and the three spellings of ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’, and that maybe the public education system in this country isn’t as good as she thinks it is.

On our show tonight, 16 July 2012, Nunhead American Radio, will be animator, filmmaker, and tv producer, Nunheader Ed Hobson. I met Ed at my show in Soho and he has kindly offered to come on the show.

Also on board is Norman Welch, playwright and Kansan, now living in the Greater Borough of Nunhead. He will be on hand to talk about his new opera. We are also to be graced by Robin Schacht, her father worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC. A true and naturally blonde American, Robin’s father is a banker but I cannot imagine him being even slightly dodgy.

Join Lewis Schaffer, American Lisa Moyle and Englishman Chris Dixon tonight, Monday. And enjoy

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The “Speed Traps” of the London Borough of Southwark and all the News of Nunhead for 9 July 2012

9 Jul

9 PM Monday 9 July 2012 Nunhead Heights

Nunhead American Radio is on the air tonight, Monday, on Resonance FM – the best radio station in the world, and that isn’t just me who thinks that.

It’s the only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead and for all Nunheaders, with special focus on where I live, Nunhead Heights.

Southwark News reports that just one intersection leading into Nunhead generates over 7,000 traffic fines a year worth almost million pounds [$1,500,000] for Southwark Council. [For Americans, the “Council” is the local authority, similar to a city or a county in the USA. There are slightly less than three dozen local councils making up Greater London who control much of London’s heavy lifting.]

The Council is accused of confusing and hard to read signs at the intersection of Heaton Road and Peckham Rye to make it, as  Londoners say, “a nice little earner” for the Council. This kind of 1950s American hillbilly South “speed trap” is very common all across this country but the victims don’t seem to be only the “you’re not from around here, are ya” types. It burdens Nunheaders with another layer of indirect taxation.

Read here how the Council is going to chopping down inner London woods to sell grave sites: “Will we regret cutting down the forests of Southwark?”

The main man behind traffic control at the Council defended the signage by urging those who drive there “to read the signs carefully.” That is typical too: Blame your own constituents.

There isn’t a pretence of American-style “of the people, for the people” in Britain. Here, the State inherited the power of the King – and once elected – the ruling party acts, well, kingly. Sometimes the Council is benevolent and sometimes they are vindictive but they always seem to work for the benefit of the Council.

According to the Southeast Central Forum, the loveliest street in Nunhead, by consensus, is Hichisson Road in postal code SE15 3AL. I concur because my two beautiful sons live on that very road! My ugly sons live somewhere else.

The Olympic Torch is not passing through Nunhead. The closest it gets is Peckham High Street sometime before 11 AM Thursday 26th July when the participants stop for lunch at the Harris Academy.

Top Tips according to the Southwark News:
When meeting a Japanese person NEVER blow your nose in front of them.

Top Tips according to Lewis Schaffer:
When meeting ANY person from ANY COUNTRY never blow your nose in front of them.
Never blow your nose, ever, as it is unnecessary and disgusting.

What could have been called the “Nunhead Comedy Festival” is now the “Herne Hill Comedy Festival” since Vivienne and Martin Soan had to move their gigs to the Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill. It isn’t that far and I recommended Phil Nichol and Charmian Hughes tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th of July. Go to www.ptoocomedy.com for info. Sponsored by Estate Agents Roy Brooks. Why I’m giving them a plug, I don’t know, they won’t come on my show!

[That is, if you can’t get to Soho to see me at the Source Below.]

Nunhead’s other local football team, and the closest, is Millwall FC. The team is universally disliked in England for their racist and belligerent fans. One horse policewoman who had to work their matches told me they were “animals”.

That said, I have met many, many, lovely Millwall supporters and this past Thursday I even met a black Millwall supporter! Plus, the owner of the team is an American John Berylson from Boston, Massachusetts!! Double exclamation point!

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News of Nunhead: Operers expecting, Nunhead baseball, and choir singing.

21 May

9 PM Monday 21 May 2012 Nunhead Heights

Tonight is Nunhead American Radio Night. Listen live on www.resonancefm.com and 104.4fm in Nunhead. Re-listen on iTunes on www.bit.ly/NunheadAmericanRadio and go to our facebook page “Voice of Americans”

Nunhead as seen by Turner. 1796-7.

Nunhead is beautiful! So beautiful that the most famous English painter J. Turner visited it in 1796-7. This drawing is owned by the Tate Gallery – the main one on the Thames – and not the other one down the Thames in the old power station.

Nunhead American Jeremy Operer reports that he is busy right now timing his American wife Carolyn’s contractions! She is due any hour now. How exciting!

On an historical note: Nunhead has many American connections. They used to play baseball in Nunhead. Did you know that?

According to “British Baseball and the West Ham Club: History of a 1930s Professional Team” by Josh Chetwynd and Brian Belton, the Nunhead Baseball Club played in the London Major Baseball League, first in Catford Greyhound Track and later in Nunhead. The team withdrew halfway through the 1937 season. How incredible is that?

Nunhead Community Choir is singing this Thursday the 24th May 2012 at St. Augustine’s Church, right over One Tree Hill. Doors open at 7 PM and the singing starts at 7:30. I think there’ll be other choirs, too. And it is free.

Saturday, May 19th, was the Nunhead Cemetery Open Day. I know I said that the cemetery was ruined by the Council fixing it up but that was a bit of overstatement on my part. Hyperbole. Now I remember the word.  The cemetery now looks like a crazy hoarder’s house where the decorators came in and tarted up the front rooms and left the rest of the house a mess. But the mess is a glorious mess! A must visit when coming to Nunhead.

Next year we set up a table and hawk our show. I called Friends of Nunhead Cemetery Friday about putting up a table on Saturday. The FONC people wisely said it was “all set up”. Okay, no fuss as they only have 50 acres of space in there.  I thought of setting up a table outside at the Nunhead Heights entrance, on the pavement (the sidewalk in USA speak) but thought better. Next year.

I only know who only one of guests is going to be tonight: Nunhead American Randy Klein. I was expecting the Bee Lady of Nunhead – or rather hoping – but I didn’t confirm it with her. It is hard to get guests now that we’ve decided to narrow our focus to just Nunhead. And maybe people are afraid of me and the radio and who knows what? Maybe I want chaos?

If we don’t get a second guest I am going to spend the entire show talking to Randy, Lisa and Chris about why I cannot do what I need to do in my life, and need to do, to remove stress, in my life.

@lewisschaffer on twitter

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Lewis Schaffer

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Lewis Schaffer

Nunhead American Comedian

SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog

John Fleming’s blog: human interest, humour, humor, comedy blog featuring eccentricity, performance, movies and occasionally a few tears

Nunhead Nags

A blog about Nunhead regeneration

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